Everyone knows that…

…standing in a lake of fire for all eternity is going to hurt like hell.  Because it is hell.

Everyone gets one lifetime to do their homework and choose the hell-avoidance strategy they will step into eternity with.  If you waste your lifetime and/or choose poorly, you will have set your ass on fire for all eternity, and that is 100% on you.

And there are no do-overs.

We have no shortage…

…of religions, cults, and scientific options created by self-proclaimed geniuses and spiritual gurus. Since the mind-numbing number of “truth” claims all contradict one another on some level, you are left with the monumental task of doing your homework to ensure you select the truth claim that is actually true. Playing follow the leader on the latest spiritual or scientific craze could provide you with a smokin’ eternity.

So How The Hell Do You Avoid Hell?

Don’t over-think this…

…the easy, and smart play would be to find out how the creator of hell says you can avoid it. And then do that. Why trust the most critical question in your entire life to someone who could be a tool… of Satan.

How do you fight hell fire?

Fight fire with water…

…more specifically living water. At least that is what the creator of hell will tell you if you ask. But the water is only available to you on this side of eternity. Once you cross into eternity, there is no water if you failed to choose the correct hell-avoidance strategy.

You can only avoid hell from this life… not the after-life?

Don’t take our word…

… do your own homework.

Our goal here is to sound the alarm. Too many people will end up with an eternity they do not want simply because they failed to grasp the gravity of eternal question they have to answer in this lifetime.

Don’t be one of those people. Get busy and do your homework.